Green Lantern
Green Lantern Emerald Knights DVD - 2011

A very clumsy retelling of some of the best Green Lantern tales, with liberal reinterpretations that often wreck it. Krona is one of my favorite villains, in part because the best illustrations of him are deliciously subtle, and this revision turns him into a planet-sized monster with no attempt at dialogue; Atrocitus suffers likewise. The individual sub-stories tend to be better than the framing device around them, but only the one devoted to Laira is actually deserving of being called "good", even by cartoon standards. It should surprise nobody that Alan Moore's name is nowhere on this project, despite the fact that the stories "Tygers" and "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" are both haphazardly represented here. Too impenetrable for anyone who isn't a GL fan, and too unfaithful for any hardcore aficionados of the character, this movie is only worth anything to very casual viewers, who can appreciate it for being pretty and fun without taking it too seriously.

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