Magic Bites

Magic Bites

Book - 2007
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Mar 17, 2019

I enjoyed this book more as it went along and the plot and as Kate's character were developed.
I will read the next book of the series to see where it goes.

Mar 04, 2019

recommended by Phil

Jan 31, 2019

I love this book. It is a great start to a new series. The shapeshifters are amazing and I LOVE the amount of different type of shifters they have written. The vamps, oh boy, the vamps. ARE. NOT. THE. LVE INTEREST. TYPE. AND. I. COULDN’T. BE. HAPPIER. Go read this if you haven’t.

Dec 10, 2018

took me a long time to get into this series. I had checked it our and returned it many times unable to get past the first chapter. After reading the authors are series "Hidden Legacy" which I loved I decided to give this a try again. Boy am I glad I did. I loved this book and am now devouring the rest of the series.

Dec 03, 2018

I'd read an earlier edition of this and had to check this copy out for the bonus material, including a prequel story involving Saiman. Also really enjoyed Curran's POV and the other extras! Love this series and love Kate Daniels!

Oct 23, 2018

I don't read much fantasy but I love this series. A strong female character who does not need the man to save her.

I just read Curran POV, and made me want to read this series over again. Enjoying it just as much. Usually with a strong female lead the males tend to be bumbling messes, not the case here. They complement each other to get the job done. These books aren't oversexed like some series I can name.

Enjoyable, quick read, nice universe to take a break from the real world. Looking forward to seeing the relationships/people grow. I love that the main characters aren't all knowing, all powerful, they get bruised and battered in each fight thats it more realistic, more plausible. There aren't any "oh, come on are you serious moments" Great read!!

Sep 12, 2018

Just finished re-reading this one (and the rest of the series) in preparation for the final book. Still as great as I remember!

infinite_tbr Aug 31, 2018

I struggled to get into this book, but it really picked up in the second half! I loved the contradictions between magic and tech and how that influenced what the characters were able to do. It was a great ending and now I want to read the next book.

Jun 21, 2018

I wasn't happy with the character of Kate. She seems to be based on the popular tough, butt-kicking, no bs, not pc, but still justice seeking, emotionally vulnerable and caring/protective action heroine prototype. I enjoy that prototype and therefore have other fictional characters to compare her too. In comparison, I found Kate lacking. At the beginning of the book she has the thought of Texas existing because of cowboys and Mexican sluts. That rather broad brush stroke painting a whole group of people in such a disparaging light was a slap in the face when I was just starting to get to know the character. I think that thought was meant to highlight the not pc, tough outer-shell part of the character. I wasn't happy with it because it takes away from the caring/protective and justice parts of the character. There is a difference between being rude/"telling it like it is" and broadly labeling/stereotyping a slew of people. Beyond that, Kate wasn't as awesomely kick-butt as I originally expected. She made a bunch of blunders that made things harder for herself. That I guess makes her more 'human' and relate-able. Definitely more plausible than other infallible action heroes though it aggravated me a bit.

Anyway - The world building was good. The world itself, interesting. Would it be considered post-apocalyptic? It's on the gray line for me on that point. The other characters were compelling, and since multiple GoodRead people whose reading taste/opinions I respect and/or agree with like the Kate Daniels series I read the next two books in the series back-to-back. The books [and Kate's character] improve as the series progresses :)

Mar 03, 2018

I would really love to read this title. Bummer that there are only 2 copies with 12 holds. That means I probably won't be able to borrow this title in this format for at least 3 months.

ArapahoeDagmar Jan 21, 2018

First in Kate Daniels series. Amazing world building, great character development throughout the series and a complete escape from reality. Highly recommended!

LPL_LaurenT Apr 21, 2017

Firmly in the Urban Fantasy camp, Magic Bites is a rollicking read. Set in the not-too-distant future Atlanta, Magic is real; it has taken over, and technology only works periodically. Therefore, swords and guns are both practical tools for mercenary Kate Daniels. Filled with lesser known myths, gods, and magic systems, Magic Bites will start you on a journey with shifters, swordplay, and a badass heroine hiding in plain sight.

Dec 29, 2015

I enjoyed the action sequence, and the no-nonsense attitude of the heroine. The book actually reminded me of Anita Blake series. But unlike Anita Blake, Kate Daniels can reign in her temper and back down which is much appreciated.

The writing is not that good unfortunately. I'm still convinced that there's a prequel book or series that I should've read before starting this one. Things are not explained well. I don't understand the magic specifics and hope they will be answered in the next book.

JCLHebahA Jul 17, 2015

A decent bit of urban fantasy, but not much earth-shattering or new here. I did like her world, where magic fluctuates and wreaks havoc with tech. Kate herself was a solid contender in the smart-mouthed-loner protagonist camp (her encounters with Curran are entertaining). I do wish the question of exactly what powerful blood flows through her veins had been answered, but I reckon that is supposed to be a hook to get me to read the rest of the series. I might give them a try someday, but as of this volume, I'm not deeply invested.

Jun 04, 2015

I really enjoyed the start of this series and am anxious to read the others. I am holding myself back from binge reading.

Monikan21 Apr 08, 2015

Book 1 of Kate Daniel's series, preceded by a prequel 0.5 A Questionable Client (found in the E-book of Magice Bites - together with Curran's point of view on their first meeting) and followed by Magic Burns. Adventurous story of Kate Daniels, a mercenary for hire who wields a magic sword and kills all kinds of creatures, for eg. vampires, upirs, zombies. She is strong, brave and quick-witted, but despises all kind of authority. There is no romance in the story, but I am really hoping that it might actually happen in the next few books; and Curran would be a great choice - the Lord Beast - the leader of the pack, tough and authoritative; lovely match!

mvkramer Nov 07, 2014

This book drops you into the middle of things - vampires, shapeshifters of all types, murders, and at the center of it all - one tough, magical, female bounty hunter. A quick, action-packed read and the beginning of a series.

Mar 06, 2014

I read a lot of paranormal books, this did not grab me, but was not terrible. I did not think I would continue with series, but since reading others opinions on series might try one more book. Christine Feedhan, JR Ward ,Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alyssa Day, Lyndsay Sands, Kerrilyn Sparks, Gena Showalter, Karen Morning, Kresley Cole, Kelley Armstr" "very good" paranormal read...mostly excellent.

Aug 17, 2013

Okay, I'm hooked. I love the original slant on vampires and werewolves, the complication of "waves" of magic and technology, the mystery of the main character's parentage and source of her power - even the rather obvious romantic setup (any two characters that fight that much HAVE to end up in bed with each other). Plenty to keep me reading more of this series!

Jul 07, 2013

I really enjoyed this series. It also reminds me of the Mercy Thompson series by Briggs. It does get better with each book.

Franci333 Jun 27, 2013

I really like this series. It reminded me of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs which is also a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the humorous dialog that adds some comic relief to all the breaking of heads.

Mar 11, 2013

Introduction to the Kate Daniels series. Keep reading; the series gets better & better!

Jul 24, 2012

Urban fantasy with a kick-ass mercenary heroine, a future Atlanta destabilized by waves of magic, distinctly un-sexy vampires, a mystery to solve, and hints at more secrets (and perhaps some romance?) in books to come.

Mar 29, 2012

I randomly came by this book and loved it. It is more of an introduction to the series...many things are eluded to but nothing is confirmed until the next book. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT

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